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“I’ve always had a love for animals growing up, and had spent my childhood with dogs, so there was a special place in my heart for them.”
As I got older and pursued a life of my own, I just couldn’t commit enough time to caring for a doggie, and spent years without one. I soon found myself married, with three wonderful kids and was so relieved that our kids shared the same love for dogs as I did! And so began the search for a family friendly, hypo-allergenic dog to complete our family.

We researched several breeds that fit the bill of allergy friendly, but there was something about those breeds that didn’t quite fit what we were looking for. We kept coming back to the Australian Labradoodle for their temperament and beautiful silky coat.

I was especially impressed with the breed’s tendency towards service and therapy work. We all fell in love with the breed!

That’s how we started with our very own sweet Australian Doodle, with no intention to breed. But as life got busier, I was spending more time away from my family than I wanted to, and I got to thinking about how to turn my passion into a way of providing for the family.

With a lot of consideration, research and soul searching, I decided that I wanted to live my life doing something that I could be truly passionate about and totally invested in. We thought as a family – what better way to fill my time and my heart, than by creating a breeding program?

That’s how Little Labradoodle was born.

As you can see, we are a family owned & operated Australian Labradoodle breeder, and all work together to raise your new puppy, from the time they are born to the time they go home with you.

We pay lots of attention to their ears, paws, mouths and tails, in order to get them accustomed to the attention of children and the demands of a family lifestyle. We raise them right in our home so that they are used to everyday noises, like children running and screaming, dishes banging, vacuum cleaners and doors slamming.

By the time you take your new Wonderful Doodle home, he or she will be well socialized, desensitized to everyday noises and VERY well cuddled and loved!

Our breeding program was slow to start, but I had so much to learn. Now our doodle family is growing by leaps and bounds and we are so thrilled with all of the amazing pups we get to raise and love!

– Max S.

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