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Here’s what our happy puppy parents are saying…

Claudia Z, Bradley’s Parent

Los Angeles, CA

We were very impressed by the due diligence of this breeder in making sure that the adopters have the right qualifications/motivation to meet the needs of a Labradoodle puppy.

We were pleased that our interest in a Labradoodle puppy was followed by a phone interview with the breeder followed by regular communication until we were able to travel to Spokane and meet our little adoptee. Throughout the process, Little Labradoodle folks were communicative and helpful with advice and guidance–that remain post adoption.

Adopting a breed we were unfamiliar with creates anxiety and we were very concerned about how big our adopted puppy would grow to. Little Labradoodle introduced us to the parents of our adoptee and our nervousness disappeared.

The most important benefit we drew from our relationship with this breeder was open communication. They were very forthcoming with answers to any of our questions and were communicative in every respect. They also assisted us with the transportation of our adopted puppy back to Los Angeles. All in all, a very pleasant experience throughout the process.

Tamara S, Ozzie’s Parent

British Columbia, Canada

We have had such a great experience with Little Labradoodle! Overall feeling would be “amazing”!

We were extremely impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism provided during our interactions with Little Labradoodle!

One of our fears was that it may be a puppy pet scam because there were not a lot of previous reviews or information on the internet about the business. Our fears were put to rest after several interactions with Little Labradoodle and with our ability to visit them in person when we picked up our adorable puppy!

The benefits for us was meeting the family who breeds the Labradoodles and the advice given about what to expect and how to get off to a good start with the pup! We were also able to see how much the family cared about the puppies and that they were raised in a loving environment. We feel very lucky that Little Labradoodle had everything organized for us and a puppy health guarantee! We were able to cross the border with our puppy without any concerns.

Working with Little Labradoodle has been a great experience and we will be telling everyone about them and their adorable Labradoodles! We love our Ozzie so much!

Leah B, Oakley’s Parent

Middlebury, IN

My husband and I absolutely loved Little Labradoodle. We have done nothing but talk the company up since we received our little Oakley. They were available for EVERY question that we had. They provided us with EVERY bit of information that we needed. We could not be anymore grateful for how well-prepared we felt for our new addition and it is all because of Little Labradoodle.

We really loved how available Little Labradoodle was for any questions. This is our family’s first puppy, so we obviously had a lot of questions. Vitaly was super easy to work with and we felt very prepared.

Our only concern was how our little Oakley was going to fly from Spokane, WA to South Bend, IN. However, Vitaly made sure that we knew his complete itinerary, and he had very well planned Oakley’s entire experience.

We valued how professional the website was, how professional their Facebook page was, and how easy they were to contact. We looked into a few different companies who did not have these qualities. Overall, we felt very secure with our decision to use Little Labradoodle.

Athan S, Bruno’s Parent

Batesville, AR

Little Labradoodle is a very professional and caring breeder. They deliver exactly as promised.

Their pre-adoption phone interview was very informative and courteous. Investing money online on a puppy that I have never seen with breeders I have never met was a little fearful. However, the interview and the direct communication over the phone, email and even text messaging calmed all my fears.

Getting a puppy is a great investment for the future. And by working with the Little Labradoodle I was fortunate to get the happiest puppy on earth. And a happy puppy makes me happy too!

Amber C, Judge’s Parent

Spokane Valley, WA

We LOVED Little Labradoodle. They showed that they really cared about our needs and took the time to care for their dogs in the breeding process. As somebody who is very cautious, their interview process was great for me in identifying what pup fit well with our lifestyle and they answered all my questions and normal concerns you would have when buying a pup!

I loved that they were so so willing to let me meet the mom and dad of Judge to make sure my allergies would be okay since I do have a pretty bad dog allergy. They let me play with them as long as I pleased and they really took the time to ask me if I was okay and open up their house to me. Also, Vitaly was very good with responding to emails quickly with such kindness and understanding.

I was afraid it was a scam because there are a lot out there. Mostly, I wanted to be sure thee took the time to care for the pups and the parents, and making sure they didn’t cut corners by breeding dogs with genetic problems. They took the time to assure me they had genetically perfect dogs and that they check out and gave further information on how to possess the records of the mom and dad. I had an animal who suffered from genetic problems and died prematurely and it was expensive and painful for the animal and us, so that was extremely scary. They did such a good job taking care of their animals and showing me that.

They benefited me by really working with how I needed to pay. Keeping this a secret from my husband for Christmas, I couldn’t spend too much money at once, so they let me pay how I wanted and needed to in order to stay hush-hush and surprise my husband. They also provided a lot of good things for the pup when we picked him up. They gave him a fresh bath and blow dry and he had a collar, leash, some food, some wafers, and all his records.

Aaron A, Leo’s Parent

Tigard, OR

My sister went through the interview process of adopting her puppy, a girl labradoodle named Yara.

She showed me a picture of her brother. To my surprise she asked if I wanted to adopt him!

After losing my loving pet 3 years ago, I had to jump on this opportunity! Little did I know, other people were also interested in this puppy known as Prince.

My sister was in communications with Vitaly and he promptly sent me all the documents and contracts to sign via email. Within a couple hours I secured Prince. This would not be made possible without open communications and a quick response to get me everything needed on time.

I have never dealt with a breeder. My first dog was purchased roadside and I heard nothing but nightmares about purchasing puppies in pet stores and puppy mills. As an animal lover who wants to contribute to this growing problem.

Going through the documents I can see this is a responsible breeder who cares for the health and well-being of their puppies even when under the care of their new homes. Making sure that new owners and their new puppy are taking canine supplements for a whole year, up to date on all shots and neutered. Holding owners accountable to produce receipts as proof and not violating the contracts.

A professional website with beautiful photo gallery and open lines of communications makes this a breeder I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a healthy quality puppy.

When we arrived to pick up our puppies we were greeted at the door by them. My observation of the house caring for our puppies, was clean and a nice family to look after them in those early weeks. We were provided with a leash, collar, hard carrier, a bag of food, documents and receipt. A few instructions were given on how to care for the puppies, he was also willing to answer any questions and concerns.

I received what I ordered, my puppy and I bonded in a very short time. I am over the moon and very happy with this new edition to my family.

I personally want to thank Vitaly and Little Labradoodle for making this an easy process. This was a wonderful experience and I can see Little Labradoodle continuing to be successful for many years.

Leilani B, Stella’s Parent

Tigard, OR

What a perfect experience for our very first puppy adoption!

After researching different breeders we came across Little Labradoodle. I filled out the application and received a text the same day to schedule a phone interview. During the phone interview, Vitaly was very informative in answering all my questions as well as asking me the proper questions to ensure their puppy was going to the right home.

Vitaly kept in contact with me throughout the month by sending me photos of our puppy as we anxiously awaited the day we would meet her for the first time. Last week Saturday we drove from Portland to Spokane and picked up our healthy happy puppy. We were very impressed how well they care for their puppies. If you’re looking for an honest caring breeder, I highly recommend you choose Little Labradoodle.

Lauren B, Finn’s Parent

San Diego, CA

We were so lucky to have found Little Labradoodle!  Finn our 8 week old male Labradoodle arrived home on Dec 12. What a great puppy he is! Many Thanks to Vitaly!!

Appreciated that I was interviewed before being considered as a home for one of their puppies. They worked with me to determine the puppy that was the best fit and we couldn’t be happier with Finn. He is a friendly and intelligent puppy. We couldn’t be happier!!

From the multiple phone conversations and the application and interview form I was sure I had the right breeder. No fears at all!

Sean O, Penny’s Parent

Porter Ranch, CA

Adopting a puppy from a different state is never something I expected to do, but after contacting Little Labradoodle all of my hesitation went away. Vitaly responded to our email within 10 minutes and was attentive and personable throughout the adoption process. Living in Los Angeles, we were unsure of how we wanted to get our puppy home. Vitaly provided us with detailed options and peace of mind. We decided to travel to Spokane to fly our girl back home with us.

While making our final decision, we received a video update of the family’s daughter playing with our pup. Seeing the love that this family has for their dogs completely won us over and made our choice easy.

Little Labradoodle made the process easy and worry-free, providing us with regularly updated photos and video of our Penny until we were able to pick her up in Spokane. She is even more beautiful in person and instantly became part of our family. It’s so refreshing to have found a breeder that cares about their adoptive families experience as much as the puppies themselves. I would absolutely recommend Little Labradoodle to anyone looking to make a new addition to their family!

Shannon B, Lola’s Parent

Lakebay, WA

Little Labradoodle was great to work with and very ethical and trustworthy.

I was a little hesitant about spending that amount of money on a dog, but I decided that for the intelligence of the breed and the 1yr health guarantee, plus the life span of the breed that it was worth the money.

This was the first time I had a dog delivered by air cargo and I was worried for her safety. Vitaly was good at explaining how it works and how safe it is.

I think the main benefit was just that I didn’t have any doubt that as a breeder they cared for the puppies completely and cared about where they were going and who they were going to. They seemed to take great care of the puppies.

Clementina G, Nala’s Parent

Fullerton, CA

Thank you so much for being part of this amazing Journey of life with Angelina (10th B-day surprise) and I. You were not only professional, efficient, made it happen in a week. Nala came to California safe and full of love. Thank you. We are in love

We felt so good seeing that the puppies are around parents and breeders kids prior to being with new family. It almost seemed too good to be true. We were worried a little about the air delivery – will the puppy be ok, scared or safe? But it all turned out well!

Vitaly was caring, efficient, responsive, AND just overall Stellar Service from Little Labradoodle!

Deana S, Olive’s Parent

Sammamish, WA

Little Labradoodle wes very friendly and helpful when we decided we were ready to adopt. We had a great experience and got a wonderful puppy.

Responsiveness has been amazing. I really appreciate the pictures and updates we got on Olive before she came to our home.

We were a little worried about was the puppy going to be a good fit personality-wise. They did a good job of checking out the available puppies and letting me know what their personalities were like so I could make an informed decision.

We got an amazing puppy. She is a dear!

Helen C, Coco’s Parent

Rancho Mirage, CA

We Love our Laberadoodle. She is so kind, sweet, brilliant, loving. So happy I found Little Labradoodle on Facebook.

She arrived on time, our conversations on the phone and texts were clear. Seeing that we are in CA, we feared the dog would be just so so. We trusted your insight after talking to you on the phone and overcame that fear after speaking.

We received a perfect dog with a great disposition!

Kenneth D, Zoey’s Parent

Cheney, WA

Knowing about the horror stories on the web I was a little intimidated at first, but it turned out to be such a pleasure to work with you. Learning about the breed through your experience posted on your web site made me feel comfortable about my decision to adopt Zoey.

Vitaly was knowledgeable, caring and patient throughout the whole process, thank you again.

Kamie I, Ace’s Parent

Odessa, WA

Everyone is very friendly, can answer any questions/concerns, and very knowledgeable about the breed of dog. It is easy to see they love these animals SO much!!!

We got to go meet and play with a few of the puppies before we decided which one we wanted to adopt. During that time, I was able to ask Vitaly any questions/concerns I had. He was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions. This helped ease some of my fears I had about bringing home a new puppy!!

One fear I had was knowing that a puppy would be a lot of work and whether or not our family was ready for that. I overcame this fear by talking with Vitaly and having him answer any of my questions. I also went online and did hours of reading/research about this breed of dog. That also helped me overcome my fears about having a new Labradoodle puppy in our house.

I found it extremely helpful when I would text Vitaly a question and he would get back to me in a very timely manner. This helped my family better prepare for our Labradoodle puppy.

I also found it helpful to know the schedule Little Labradoodle had our puppy on. I wanted to have a smooth transition for our puppy and so I felt like his schedule should be kept very similar to what it was at Little Labradoodle. I appreciated the helpful hints/suggestions relating to the puppy’s schedule (example- when and how much the puppy eats, when to limit water intake while potty-training, when to take them outside to try and go to the bathroom, etc.). I feel like this made the transition to our home that much more smooth!

Connie Y, Chloe’s Parent

Santa Ana, CA

Little Labradoodle gets an A++ from us.

Every single communication I had with Little Labradoodles put me at ease knowing that this business was all about providing a safe and healthy environment for the puppies until they were old enough to go to their new home. Vitaly’s knowledge, professionalism, promptness to responding to us was incredible! Little Labradoodle’s #1 priority is the health and safety of each puppy and finding the best homes for them.

Other breeders I spoke with did not come close to Little Labradoodle’s high standards. I honestly did not have any fears during the process with them. I can’t count how many phone conversations, emails and text messages I had with Vitaly.

I requested a FaceTime meeting and he promptly responded. We were able to see the mommy and daddy to the pups and also a couple of the puppies during that meeting. It was always great being able to see the puppies from their website. We were so happy to be able to see the puppies in weekly videos and photos before we chose our puppy. I think that made all the difference being able to see how they were caring for the puppies in a loving environment. That really made a huge difference to us. We were able to see children playing and caring for the puppies also. The mommy and daddy were clearly very happy dogs and in a wonderful environment.

Getting to watch the puppies grow on the weekly photos they posted and all the videos they share on their website was the best part of this process for me. Watching them from their birth at week 1 with their eyes still closed until week 8 when they were ready to go to their new family. That was my favorite part of this awesome experience with Little Labradoodle!

Kim T, Hugh’s Parent

Woodinville, WA

We met another Little Labradoodle pup and decided to reach out!

We are completely satisfied with LL. Our puppy Hugh is an absolute DREAM. He is calm and sweet and funny and so smart. Our experience was positive all around.

Communication was wonderful which put our minds at rest as this was our first Labradoodle and first breeder experience. Our pick-up also was very comforting and we were reassured that we had made the right decision.

I think our biggest fear was getting the right personality for our family. Thanks to Vitaly’s communication and Emily answering my questions we really did end up with a wonderful match!

Communication was incredibly important as well as seeing where Hugh came from. It really put our mind at rest seeing that he was truly cared about, and that Max really puts a lot of thought into his breeding program.

Gautham R, Suri’s Parent

Bothell, WA

I really liked that Vitaly and his team were patient and answered all our questions about the puppy.

We were afraid that we would not get good documentation about our puppy, but everything was provided. We are happy with our experience!

Kindra L, Tucker’s Parent

Post Falls, ID

We are the proud parents of Tucker! Vitaly and everyone at Little Labradoodles was extremely nice and helpful. You could tell they care very much about all the puppies and the homes they go to. Thank you so much!

Sarah H, Maya’s Parent

Cheney, WA

It’s very clear that Little Labradoodle cares about the health and well-being of their dogs.

I was really happy that you were so open and honest about the health of our little girl. I was impressed that you told me about the small hernia, and were willing to follow up to make sure that it was taken care of properly.

We were a little worried initially that this was a for profit breeding operation that didn’t have the best interest of the dogs in mind. Being able to visit and meet the litter parents was helpful in overcoming this.

I think the best benefit is that we have a healthy puppy that has a lovely temperament. I have raised at least one puppy in my life that was not carefully bred, and he was very difficult to live with. I also loved the Facebook pictures, so I could watch her grow up.

Wanda F, Bolt’s Parent

Penticton, BC

My husband and I chose to get our puppy from Little Labradoodle and couldn’t be happier.  We researched Labradoodles and breeders for almost 2 years before actually taking the step and choosing a breeder and our puppy. 

Vitaly was consistently available by email, text and phone calls.  He was always quick to respond, always friendly, pleasant and helpful.  There were many times when I felt I was pestering him, however, he always welcomed my questions and contact.  There was absolutely no pressure to make a decision until we were ready, and no requirement for a deposit until we all agreed the time was right.

When we arrived to pick up our puppy Bolt, Vitaly welcomed us with a freshly bathed puppy, and all the supplies including a collar, leash, kennel, dog food, nutritional supplement, vet papers and all the necessary documents to bring the puppy across the border to Canada.  We also met Emily, the puppy’s caretaker, and there was clearly a trust bond between her and Bolt so we knew he had been loved and nurtured. 

During our first week of being home with Bolt, Vitaly continued to keep very close contact with us, guiding us with suggestions and support for helping the puppy adjust to a new home.  We are head over heels in love with Bolt and would highly recommend Little Labradoodle for the perfect puppy.

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