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We will try to cover as much information as possible here, but if questions should arise, please contact us and we will gladly speak with you.
What size are your Doodles?
At Little Labradoodle, we specialize in mini doodles.

Doodles come in different sizes, depending on the parents and the vagaries of genetics. Females are usually smaller than males.

Standard Doodles — they will generally be 50 lbs. and up, and are 23-29 inches at the shoulder. Most standards are in the 70-90 lb. range.

Mini Doodles — they will generally range from 25-49 lbs. and are 18-22 Inches at the shoulder.

Tiny Doodles — they will generally range from 10-24 lbs. and are 12-17 Inches at the shoulder.

These ranges capture the averages; sometimes a pup will fall outside the expected height and weight.

What are the main differences between male and female Doodles?
Males are usually larger than females. Besides that, there really isn’t a major noticeable difference between the genders. Since we have both males and females here side-by-side, we do notice a few more slight differences.

Males tend to be more affectionate and goofy, but also a bit more stubborn. They are more of attachers. Females tend to be more Independent, but easier to train and less stubborn. These differences are actually quite subtle and you won’t notice them if you have one or the other. Both males and females make amazing companion family pets. The temperament is more important than gender when deciding which doggie would best fit your family.

What are the generations of Doodles you breed?
Little Labradoodle specializes in Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles.

The Multi-Gens are most desired for their low and/or non-shedding coat. Their coat has a softer fleece-feeling to it. They are considered to be the “pure Labradoodle” for this very reason.

How do you groom your Doodles?
Like Poodles, Doodles have hair, not fur, and shedding Is minimal or non-existent. That’s the positive side and many get this dog for this very reason.

The downside is that they do need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting, and clipped about every 8-12 weeks, depending on your preferences and the dog’s activities. If your Doodle loves the outdoors, you will likely find a shorter clip easier to maintain.

But many owners enjoy the bonding time of regular brushing and choose to keep their Doodle in a fuller coat.

Generally speaking, a curly coat is less likely to shed but more likely to become matted if not brushed regularly. Daily brushing will probably be required, as well as professional grooming every 6-8 weeks.

Make sure to be very specific with the groomer as to how you want your dog groomed; most groomers will not have encountered a Doodle and may default to a standard Poodle clip unless directed otherwise. Be specific and show the groomer photos of how you want your dog to look. You should take your pup to the groomer only after their full set of vaccines (at around 14-16 weeks).

To get them used to the process, ask the groomer not to use clippers. Just have the pup bathed, clean their ears, and cut their nails. The next time you visit, you can have the pup clipped.

Avoid bathing your Doodle too often, as it strips essential oils from the coat, and can also leave their skin dry and itchy.

Are Doodles hypoallergenic?
While there are no 100% fully hypoallergenic dogs out there, doodles tend to be allergy friendly.

Most people with allergies to dogs (i.e., those who experience sneezing and watery eyes) are fine with a doodle.

Every doodle has a different coat. The curlier the coat the less it will shed. Most doodles have the wavy type coat that is low- to non-shedding.

Our Doodles have a wavy coat, which gives them the typical doodle look, and this type of coat is low to non-shedding and fine for most people with allergy sensitivity to dogs.

How long do Doodles live?
Our multi-generational Doodles typically live an average of 12-15 years. Of course health and care for the dog is what will ultimately determine how long they will live.
Are there any major health concerns for Doodles?
While Doodles tend to be healthier than their parent breeds, they can still be prone to conditions such as hip, elbow and certain eye problems.

Skin problems, such as hot spots and allergies, are also seen. Genetic testing can reduce the risk of many diseases.

We as a breeder, made sure to invest a great deal of money upfront in finding a healthy breeding stock and doing the required testing. This investment is why we’re not the cheapest-priced breeder out there.

A higher upfront cost will definitely reduce your vet bills later. We perform all the tests mentioned below, on the parent breeds before they are entered into our breeding program. These tests consist of DNA tests, X-rays, and heart and eye exams, as well as physical exams.

Tests we’ve done before breeding our Australian Labradoodle’s:
Hips, Eyes, Elbows, Sebaceous Adenitis (skin disease)Degenerative Myelopathy, Heart. -Patellas

How much exercise do Doodles need?
Doodles require a moderate amount of exercise. Most will do well with three half-hour walks per day. They love the outdoors for summer activities, and thoroughly enjoy snow in the winter. Overall, they fit in well in a city or rural family.

And when it comes time to rest, they will gladly cuddle with you! They are very social dogs. You can take them almost anywhere and they adapt quickly to new surroundings. This is why their popularity is growing so fast. They are the perfect overall family dog with moderate exercise needs.

Do you require your dogs to be spayed/neutered?
Yes, every dog needs to be spayed/neutered. If you would like a dog for breeding, please reach out to us, and we will explain how that works.

I require proof of spay/neuter to be mailed or emailed to me by the time the dog reaches 7 months of age. All dogs are sold with non-breeding contract and must adhere to the agreement.

Do you offer a health guarantee?
Yes absolutely!

We guarantees all dogs for 1 year against hip dysplasia or any hereditary disease. If your doggie develops a hereditary disease that makes them unsuitable as a pet or in need of extended veterinary care, please contact us immediately. We are extremely concerned about the health and welfare of each and every pup, and need to be informed so that we can take necessary actions.

We will require an examination report from a board certified vet, and we will either replace the dog or refund half the purchase price of the pup to cover any extended veterinary care. It would be your choice.

Please note that puppies may pick up common parasites, such as glardia, coccidia, roundworm, etc. We do everything possible to prevent and eliminate these parasites by putting all of our dogs and pups on a strict deworming program. However, mother dogs tend to be more vulnerable to parasites when they have puppies, and may pass parasites along to the pups.

Depending on the life cycle of the particular parasite, it is possible that a few pups will go home with one. You must have your puppy checked by a vet within 48 hours of taking them home. Please make sure the vet checks for parasites. We do not cover parasites within the health guarantee.

Do I need to signup for a waiting list?

We require everyone to get on a waiting list to keep the homing process orderly and fair.

Demand for our pups is high, and people look for different traits in a puppy, so emotions run wild sometimes. Usually the wait is not very long, about 2-3 months. Unless you are very specific what you’re looking for and mother nature doesn’t produce that result.

If you are lucky, sometimes we’ll have puppies available right away, so it’s always a good idea to contact us to see what we have available or how soon we’re expecting a litter to be born.

We have 3 waiting lists available: Exclusive, which gives you 1st & 2nd choice, pick of the litter. Then the Preferred List, which gives you 3rd & 4th choice. And the Flexible list, which gives you the last 5th & 6th choice. For more information on this, please reach out to us, and we’ll gladly get on the phone and explain all the waiting lists and their benefits in detail.

How do I start the process of adopting a puppy from you?
If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the Online Puppy Application. Afterwards, we will setup a phone call, and go over the application together. The Information you supply will help us decide which puppy would suit your needs. If your application is approved, you can then choose a waiting list to go on, and wait for your puppy to be born!
May I visit the kennel to meet my puppy and its parents?

Our first priority is protecting the health and safety of our dogs, and we cannot risk introducing disease. We do allow visits for those that are already on any waiting list, and when the puppies turn 4 weeks old to choose a pup.

We also take lots of pictures and videos of every puppy and the parents and post to our social media pages. This gives you a really good idea of colors and temperament during the first 4 weeks when you can’t visit them yet. 

Can you ship the puppy and is it safe?

Yes, we ship our puppies within the U.S. and to Vancouver, B.C. Shipping is $500 flat rate. If you live in another country and are interested in knowing if we can ship there, please contact us. We might be able to arrange something.

Shipping is safe and much safer and easier for the puppy than traveling a long distance in a car. We have been shipping many puppies and all of them have arrived safe and secure to their new homes.

What are your prices?

Our prices vary, depending on which waiting list you choose.

The Exclusive List is $4,000 pre-paid in full, giving you the 1st or 2nd spot to choose from.

The Preferred List is $3,500 pre-paid in full, giving you the 3rd or 4th spot to choose from.

If you’re on the Flexible Waiting List, price is $3,000 with a $500 deposit, and then the remaining balance paid when you choose your puppy, giving you the 5th or 6th spot to choose from.

Please contact us for more information about pricing for the specific type of Labradoodle you’re interested in adopting.

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